Teague Mineral Products has specialized in producing premium sealant grade sodium bentonite for a variety of projects requiring impermeable barriers since 1971. They relocated to expand their mill facility to two miles south of Adrian OR. In 1982 they installed a 5057 Raymond mill which allowed TMP to produce bentonite for larger projects. In 1985, TMP drilled and developed another bentonite deposit which offered superior performance as a soil sealant without chemical or polymer additives and resists ionic solutions.



TMP began producing Clinoptilolite zeolite in 1975 and currently mines two distinctly different deposits, XY and CH. Though a relatively small company, it is one of the leading producers of natural Zeolite in North America. They provide “clino” for a wide variety of applications such as anticaking agent, cat litter, chemical carriers and odor control uses. TMP also produces zeolite feed supplements for chickens, cows and other animals. Environmental applications include heavy metal/radionuclide sorption and hazardous waste solidification/stabilization. Environmental applications overlap with agricultural applications when used as a soil amendment for reduction of fertilizer use and consequent reduction of non-point pollution from agricultural lands.



TMP has mill capacity to produce a full range of products. A Raymond mill is used for powered bentonite and zeolite. Granule products are produced in an adjacent plant. Shipments consist of various sized craft bags, bulk bags and bulk. Our laboratory facility is used for quality control testing and sample preparation. Outside Labs are used for specialty work.



TMP specializes in stimulating and coordinating research in both the public and private sectors, providing ideas, technical information and samples to interested parties.


Teague Mineral Products
1925 Highway 201 South
Adrian, OR 97901
Phone: (541) 339-3940
Fax: (541) 339-4385

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