Mining XY Zeolite

Teague Mineral Products Bentonite Deposit Showing 24' Thick Bed

Perma-Plug Bentonite from Teague Mineral Products

Teague Mineral Products Mill Site in Adrian, Oregon

This small lake has been lined with Teague Mineral Products Bentonite

Loading a Bulk Truck at the TMP Mill

A Shipment of Perma-Plug Ready To Go!

Horizontal Drilling Slurry Tanks with TMP Bentonite

XY Zeolite Outcrop

Singer Wetland with TMP Mill in Background

Cross-section of Bentonite at the Mine

CH Zeolite at the Mine

Slurry Trench Using TMP Industrial 200 Bentonite

Perma-Plug Bulk Bag

Hazardous Waste Cell with Teague Mineral Products Bentonite Liner

Spreading Bentonite at Vale, OR Sewer Lagoon

Perma-Plug Well Casing Seal

Keep 'Er Fresh Zeolite

Bentonite Pit

CH Feed Grade Zeolite

Forest Service Road Job with TMP Bentonite

Bentonite Mine and Surrounding Mountains

Vale, OR sewer lagoon

Boise Pond, Lined with Teague Mineral Products Bentonite